Feel safe when you drive with roadside assistance

When you are driving on the road, your biggest concern is your safety and why not. You want to enjoy your journey with complete comfort and if any problem occurs you want it to be resolved in no time. This is what Toyota realized and launched a maintenance plan known as Toyota Roadside assistance.

The Roadside Assistance helps you

The professionals guide you by providing valuable advice as well.

It’s a 24-hour maintenance plan that aids vehicle owners around the world. The service is provided for the first 2 years or the first 25,000 miles for free. The intention behind this program was to allow people to enjoy their drives and leave all the worries behind. It gives you complete peace of mind when you are driving and it makes motoring even more enjoyable. You can drive with total ease when you know that you will get help by just making a call in case of any emergency.

The features this program provides are great. If you are out of fuel they will provide you with it. If your tire goes flat or you are locked out of the car, you just need to dial the toll-free numbers and they will be there to help.

Toyota professionals will take your vehicle to the nearest authorized repairer if needs be. This program also pays for, when, you need to keep your car in safe storage. They will organize it and pay for the cost but only up to a specific amount. This is needed when you are awaiting recovery. They will also manage to transport the trailer or caravan being towed.

Whether your car is stolen or you have lost your credit cards they will provide you helpful advice. Their job in these conditions is to help you find a solution but they might not cover the cost associated with that solution.

If your vehicle is not recovering and you want to use a replacement vehicle, they will also manage this. They will provide you a vehicle of the same category until your vehicle is recovered but for a maximum of three days.