Powertrain development has been postponed

At first, the company decided to use the hybridized V6 Engine, and then use that for the other models in the line-up as well. This Aston Martin will not only be the first electric vehicle from the company but it will also serve as the basis for the next hybrid version of the company’s existing models. The all-new, all-electric vehicles will also be based on this model. So it’s a very important vehicle for the company.

The production of the vehicle will begin in 2024. It was first revealed in the concept form at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. But the powertrain development has been postponed, mainly because of the company’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz, which is a 19% stakeholder. The company provides the components at a lower price.

This is the reason why this vehicle is now being revised and soon it will be revealed again. The company has not announced yet the number of orders it has taken from the customers. But it was revealed that they got a good amount from the customer who wants to purchase this vehicle.

The company might be beginning its electrification phase a little late but it has plans to turn 85% of its models to electric by 2030. They will continue to produce a small number of traditional vehicles for enthusiastic customers as well as foreign markets where such vehicles will still be in high demand. From what information we have gotten so far, the powertrain used for this vehicle will be from the Mercedes-Amg portfolio. The vehicle will be able to offer performance just like the traditional version with a good top speed and reduced CO2 emissions.

Then new hybrid and electric vehicles will be launched from time to time and soon the brand will become electric-dominant. It will be exciting to see how the company benefits from the electrification phase and can it do as well in the market with electric vehicles as it did with traditional vehicles.